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Average asking of homes remains high

Home sellers are still expecting near record prices for their homes. The national average asking price is $488,711, only 0.4% lower than the all-time record achieved in June. Three individual regions achieved new record high asking prices in July. On average, sellers in Waikato want $394,806 for their homes, marginally higher than the previous high […]

Average asking price reaches record $732,240 in Auckland

Auckland home sellers want more for their homes than ever before, In June, the average asking price for homes in Auckland reached an all-time record of $732,240 (Seasonally Adjusted). This represents a significant increase from the previous record of $685,426 set in April. The record asking price in Auckland drove the national average asking price […]

Asking price of homes remained at record levels during May

The average asking price of homes remains at record levels, not only in Auckland but across the country. The national average asking price of house sellers in May was $483,524, only marginally below the all time record set in March of $484,263. In Auckland, the average asking price was $685,246, practically the same as the […]

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Real Estate Blogs

Spring maintenance tips for rental property owners

agent profile image Spring is the ideal time to take care of any winter build-up of moss and mould around your rental property. Driveways and decks can become very slippery and may be hazardous for your tenants, particularly areas that have been shaded over winter. Driveways and decks can usually be waterblasted to remove moss and mould build-up. […]

Don’t be fooled by misleading headlines

agent profile image           You deserve to know what has really happened in our local market.The front page of yesterdays Timaru Herald read … “Timaru properties up $40,000. Timaru’s housing market has seen properties selling for $40,000 more than a year ago. In Timaru the median price of a house was $295,000 in August this […]

“If you want to achieve impact then you need bigger adverts…” Really?

agent profile image Yesterday Alistair Helm released an interesting article about online Premium advertising I wholeheartedly agree with him that they (online portals), along with the rest of our industry, could do with a rethink. However it was his opening two sentences that really got me questioning. “If you want to achieve impact then you need bigger adverts… Really? That […]

Feilding’s Market Improved in August!

agent profile image The number of Feilding house sales in August through all Agencies was below a long term average, but up significantly on a very low volume month in July. Palmerston North’s market was also slightly improved. Feilding’s median residential house sale price calculated over 3 months has dropped back a little, but is still high in […]

Don’t scroll past that property selling by Tender

agent profile image I know what it is like, you’re sitting on the couch with your tablet on your lap looking on trademe and scrolling through properties for sale in your area with a glass of wine in hand. The temptation is to only tap on the houses selling with a price indication. The one’s with no price […]