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Surge of new listings on the home market

The number of new listings on the residential property market surged by 32% in October after a slowish September. Figures released by, New Zealand’s largest online database of homes for sale, show that 13,765 new homes came onto the market in October. With the election, we didn’t see the usual spring rise in homes […]

Property prices rising slower this year

The strong rise in property asking prices has slowed down markedly in recent months. Over the last year, the national asking price for properties increased by only 3.9%, compared to an 8.7% increase in the preceding year. At the same time, the available inventory of homes for sale remains well below the long-term average. The […]

New home listings unseasonably low

The usual surge in new home listings on the market in August is noticeably weaker this year compared to the past, with just 9,482 new listings. New residential property listings are 11.5% down on the same time last year. This fall affected most regions around the country, with only Northland, the Coromandel and Central North […]

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Residential & Lifestyle Market

agent profile image How many residential and lifestyle transactions take place by all Real Estate Agents in the Manawatu District, including Feilding, but excluding Palmerston North, in a 3 month period? My figures are approximate because some companies input of statistics leaves a bit to be desired. There are a few sales inputted to the wrong location, but […]

Great photos = tenant engagement

agent profile image The quality of the listing can have an impact on the speed in which a property will be rented.   Properties come in all shapes and sizes but two important factors stay the same.  Photos and the description play an important role in the number of enquiries that are generated.   The objective is to attract as many […]

Pt Chevalier top streets in relation to 2014 CV

agent profile image Was interesting to read the item in this mornings NZ Herald regarding NZ’s top streets where Cremorne St in Herne Bay is in number one position. We have been looking at the latest CV data for Pt Chevalier and of the streets that we have analysed so far it appears that the top 10 streets in regard […]

Remediated ‘as is’ properties return to the market

agent profile image Caution expressed: You may have come across the article in The Weekend Press entitled ‘Shoddy repairs but big mark-ups’, focusing on former ‘as is, where is’ properties returning to the market following remediation and now fully insured, some excerpts as follows: Damaged Christchurch homes are being resold with big price mark-ups, in some cases by […]

Auction vs negotiation – which is best sale method?

agent profile image We have just analysed all sales in Pt Chevalier so far this year up to the 20th November and compared results achieved in relation to 2011 CV figures. Properties marketed as auctions achieved an average of 43% above 2011 CV whereas negotiation achieved an average of 51% above 2011 CV Negotiation achieved a result 18.6% better than auction. […]