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Property listings: features listings from licensed real estate agents only. We do not take direct bookings from the public for private sales. We recommend you select your chosen agent and request that they advertise your property on Your agent can contact us directly on 0800 732 536 or email



If you are interested in advertising your product or service on, contact our team by emailing ad specs

Standard display

  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixels
  • Medium rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels
  • Half page: 300 x 600 pixels

File size: 100Kb maximum file size for display ad units
Animation/looping: 30 seconds maximum 
We accept JPEG, GIF & PNG files
HTML5 assets are accepted in the form of third party ad tags
We do not accept flash files

Native advertising

  • Image for desktop 232 x 154 pixels, 100Kb maximum file size
  • Image for mobile 274 x 154 pixels, 100Kb maximum file size
    This is optional however recommended
  • Heading 32 characters including spacing
  • Caption 120 characters including spacing
  • Call to action line 30 characters including spacing. This is optional
  • Client logo 100 x 40 pixels, 5Kb maximum file size. This is optional

Sponsored blog posts

  • Main image: 850 x 465 (cropped to 850 x 300 for article)
  • Headline: 35 characters
  • Teaser: 100 characters
  • Logo: 241 x 138
  • Author name: As required


Saved search email banner

  • 580 x 200 pixels
  • 100kb maximum file size
  • Asset must be supplied as a static image and not include any animation


Site skin

  • 1890 x 920 pixel image (JPEG, GIF or PNG)
  • Less: 990 pixel wide box in the middle 130p from the top
  • i.e. 990 x 130 pixel strip along the top & 450 x 920 pixel strips down each side
  • Safe area: 130px border on the left and right hand side of the box
  • 200kb maximum file size


Material submission

  • Please supply creative within 5 working days of the campaign start date – failure to do so may result in your campaign not starting on time
  • A maximum of three creative executions per ad size is accepted. Additional assets may incur a loading fee
  • Please send creative assets to


General advertising guidelines exclude:

  1. Native advertising that looks similar to a property listing and could be deemed confusing to users of the site
  2. Advertising that employs rapid/“strobing” animation of any graphic, copy, or background element(s)
  3. Advertising that replicate or mimic computer error messages
  4. Messaging designed to mislead members into going to a site that is unrelated to the content of the banner advert
  5. Advertising in any manner that misleads the viewer to believe the content is news, rather than advertising
  6. Advertising that implies affiliation with or an endorsement by any product, content, or service
  7. Advertising that doesn’t maintain the professionalism of reserves the right to remove any creative that may sit outside of these guidelines that they deem to be misleading, not suitable or not for benefit of the users of the site.