Landowners are now able to diversify their farm’s income, thanks to new opportunities like wind farms and glamping
Our Head of Product and Development discusses why your organisation should not be led by data

Apartments on the rise in Auckland. Read the NZ property report in full here
Increased housing stock breathes new life into Auckland property market. Read the NZ property report in full here.
When your customers talk to others about your company, what do they say? Your values should drive your strategy
Is it your goal to run a financially viable farm one day? We explore different pathways to farm ownership
Your ‘brand’ allows you to connect and engage with the hearts and minds of your customer
The housing market continues to show signs of normalising across most of the country
When Tessa’s budget wouldn’t stretch to purchase a suitable family home, the Benzies decided to build
Why your styleguide should grow and evolve from its experience and learnings
A new real estate show will follow Kiwi property hunters and is proud to be the sponsor
Peter Mangin,'s COO, explores the importance of harnessing data that adds value to your business
Sellers come to meet the market as March breaks February’s stronghold on new listings
When purchasing rural property you don’t want to pay more for a farm than its production can support
Looking to invest in a particular town or region? Take into account Statistics NZ's population growth projections
Is property out of reach for young Aucklanders? Meet Hannah, a 28-year-old apartment owner
Regional NZ is tempting house hunters, while interest in cities like Wellington is declining
Vanessa Taylor believes knowing the 'Why?' behind your company is crucial to success
Jai Ivarsson explains why tried and true technology is often a smarter choice than the latest “cool” tech
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