We’re here to help your clients move

Moving home is an exciting time – and we’re about to make it easier for your clients. We’ll do all the calling around for the different connection services for them – giving them time back. Best of all, it is free.

The realestate.co.nz/move team of professional Movologists will take care of the connection services at their new property.

To offer this free service to your clients, you must be registered – click here to get set up. If you’re already registered, fill out the information below to start referring your clients.

Frequently asked questions for real estate agents and property managers

New to moving services?

If you would like to refer your clients to realestate.co.nz/move, you will need to register as a user with our service partner, Movinghub. It’s easy to do, simply click here, enter your unique email address and fill in all the fields. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a welcome pack with everything you need to get started.

Already a moving services client?

You can refer your clients using realestate.co.nz/move by clicking on the ‘Agent’ tab at the top of the page. If you are an existing partner, agent or property manager of another Movinghub connection services platform, any referrals you submit via realestate.co.nz/move will appear in your existing Agent Dashboard and you will receive commission payments as currently outlined within your Agent Dashboard.

Not sure if you’re registered?

To see if you are a registered user, simply enter your unique email address in the form above. If the email address is not registered with Movinghub, you will be prompted to register.

So, how does this all work?

Your clients can sign up by completing the realestate.co.nz/move request form, which you will have received in your welcome pack.

When a client requests moving services you can lodge this request by completing the realestate.co.nz/move form located on our website under the ‘Agents’ tab in the top menu.

Once on the site, select the services your client is interested in having connected. Then provide your client’s contact details in the right-hand column, including the date of their move. All contact detail fields are mandatory, however if your client doesn’t have an email address enter move@realestate.co.nz

Review and tick the terms and conditions box. By doing so, you confirm that the client has given their explicit informed consent to have realestate.co.nz/move contact them for the purpose of arranging their moving services. If so, hit send.

At this point your job is done. You and your client will receive confirmation of the submission.

If your client's move goes through successfully you may be rewarded with a commission. This provides a great opportunity to generate an additional income stream for you and/or your business.

What happens next?

A Movologist will then make all reasonable effort to contact your client within four business hours to discuss the plans and services available at their new address from a range of service providers. If the client requires disconnections, our team will confirm this during a confirmation call. This is a no obligation service and no connections will be arranged until we have spoken to your client. 

You can invite home owners or any tenancy applicants to use the service. Simply have the client complete the realestate.co.nz/move request form then lodge the request by completing the realestate.co.nz moving services form located on our website under the ‘Agents’ tab in the top menu. Remember to enter your registered email address so that we can track the referral back to you.

Thanks for using realestate.co.nz/move. We are committed to making your clients’ property journies simple, and provide them with the shortest path to the perfect property. Our moving service is just one of the ways we aim to do this.

We hope you and your clients enjoy the benefits of the service. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team on 0800 141 470 or email us at move@realestate.co.nz