Bedroom Design Tips

Bedrooms are your chance to get really creative and add personal touches of style. The biggest elements are the bed, bedroom furniture (like tallboys) and curtains. It’s therefore critical you choose these things carefully.

Furniture: First consider the room size and then plan the furniture layout. Choose items that double as storage solutions and yet still leave enough open space to move around freely. A double built-in wardrobe is best for using space efficiently to neatly store clothes and accessories.

Colour scheme/decor: Once you’ve chosen your base bedroom furniture, you’re then free to select a colour scheme and decor that suits your personality. Large master bedrooms are a great opportunity for an updated and modern feature wall. Go for beautiful wallpaper or nuanced colour. For a luxurious feel, you might choose to add a fireplace. A simpler option is a large bold headboard or piece of artwork. A statement rug is a nice feature in any bedroom.

Lighting: A sunny bedroom full of light is good for you! Add a large window if you have the space – just avoid blocking it with any furniture. Lighting should be softer in bedrooms, with extra lighting around the vanity/dresser. Side lamps can be a nice decorative feature. Glass chandeliers are also a classic option for the master bedroom.

Kids rooms: When renovating kids bedrooms, do something that can grow with them! This avoids having to re-do the room in a couple of years. Neutral paint colours with bright artwork or wall stickers are a nice alternative to themed wallpaper. Bed heads and curtains can also be easily changed so these are great options to get creative.