Five Factors for a Perfect Section.

As you know, not all sections are created equal. You need the right location, but it is not the only factor you need to consider. Choose the wrong section, and your budget could be blown before you even start building.

At G.J. Gardner Homes, we have experience building on all types of sites, having built over 10,000 homes all over New Zealand. We know the importance to our clients of selecting the right section. So before you give up looking, let us help you find the right site. 

Site factors that can impact cost:

  • A slope can be great, it often means the site is elevated and has views. However, a slope can also create extra work and cost for foundations, while also limiting the outdoor living, such as; kids playing football on the lawn, growing a vegetable garden, and hanging clothes on a washing line. Is an advertised “flat section” actually flat? Standing on a site, a one or two metre slope can be hard to gauge. A member of our team can visit your potential site, even before you have purchased it, and estimate the slope and what this may mean for your homes foundations. As an approximate, for every metre of slope it adds over $20,000 to the build cost.
  • Soil composition is important to check, as some soil or clay may need to be replaced with a more stable foundation. Getting a Geotechnical report prior to building is therefore critical. Again G.J.’s can help with this.
  • Utilities coverage is essential for your daily electricity and water requirements. The nearest connection point could be a large distance away, incurring extra costs.
  • Access is also an important factor. If access is steep or closed-in by neighbouring properties, it may be difficult to get large trucks onto the site.
  • Other aspects can also play a major role, such as wind zones or sea spray areas. Meaning a home at that location will require additional costs to become compliant.

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report on the property can be requested from your local authority and is a good first step. This should contain all known information about the site. It can alert you to potential issues and dictate certain design elements of a new home. Your G.J. Gardner Consultant can arrange a LIM for you.

A copy of the Certificate of Title including a survey plan, is important for confirming the legal boundaries of your section. Existing fences and structures on a site are only an indication of boundaries, and the legal boundary may differ slightly.

It may be that your location outweighs other factors of your site and you are prepared to build for location, location, location. Deciding to buy land and build a home provides the privilege of being able to weigh up the options yourself.

Contact a member of the G.J. Gardner team, and talk about what you need to look for in a good section.


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