Rate the environmental performance of your home with Homestar

How well do you know your home? To check how your existing home stacks up in the warmth, health, and efficiency stakes HomestarTM provides independent advice and guidance on energy and performance improvements to the home, as well as professional design and construction services for residential new builds.

Developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council and backed by Government, the rating system aims to improve the standard of Kiwi homes by providing a comparison against a benchmark, so home owners can ensure their homes become warmer, healthier and energy efficient thus reducing their environmental impact.

Homestar has been developed to take into consideration the environmental building standards required regionally, by New Zealand’s unique climatic conditions. It allows for both self-assessments by the homeowner, using an online home evaluation report and specialist independent assessment by industry professionals that results in the issue of a formal Homestar certified rating. A Homestar rating will become more important in adding resale value to your home as it becomes recognised as a proven environmental standard for New Zealand homes.

Step 1: Become a myHomestar member

Until 31 December 2013 myHomestar subscription is only $10 for Homestar Partner customers, a discount of 33 percent, so sign up quick to save! Sign up to myHomestar at homestar.org and use the voucher code MYHOMEP10Z and pay just $10 for one year’s annual subscription. Members can take an online Homestar test to rate their home’s health and performance. It takes just 20 minutes to complete the test and requires only a few simple measurements around the home. myHomestar subscribers are also eligible for special discounts from Homestar product partners such as Resene, Pink Batts, Cavalier Bremworth, GIB, Parex, Bosch, Showerdome, Earthwool and PlaceMakers, meaning big savings over the course of a build or renovation.

Step 2: Plan for improvement

Once you have become a myHomestar member, and complete the Homestar test, a list of actions and partner discount offers can be printed with your Homestar rating, to help plan what to tackle first. There are lots of tips which can provide immediate and real benefits to the home in terms of health and quality of living, as well as potential reduction in running costs.

Step 3: Step 3: Take Action

When you have completed your renovation you may wish to get an independently audited certification of your energy and performance improvements to your home with a Homestar certified assessment. You’ll be given a Homestar certificate which you can be used to help promote or sell your home.

Find out how you can improve your home at homestar.org.nz