Leaky Homes and Weathertightness

leaky home Leaky Homes are a growing concern as more examples become exposed every day. The best time to deal with weathertightness is at the design stage where different options can be considered and changes are easily made to the plans.

It is important for the designer, builder and owner to look at the risks associated with the proposed building and reduce these to acceptable levels before building. Sometimes materials are used in ways for which they are not specifically designed or are poorly maintained, leading to cracking and leaking. Make sure you are aware of the maintenance requirements of all specified materials for your home –incorrect or lack of maintenance will often mean your product’s warranty becomes void.

Modern designs can also have insufficient level difference between the floor of a building and the surface outside. An adequate level difference is necessary if the building is to meet the performance requirements of the Building Code in regard to external moisture provisions. Information supplied courtesy of BRANZ
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