Realise your Dream Home

Finding a house to call your own can be a dreaded challenge. The existing homes you are looking at can be older than you are, leaving you uninspired and wondering if you will ever find the right one.

It seems some people never consider building a home, choosing to only look at existing options of old houses. However building a new home has many benefits; like being built to suit your needs and requirements, as well as satisfying modern health and safety guidelines. It is a common misconception that you have to be really well off to build; the truth is anyone looking to buy a house can afford to build a new home. Often it is more affordable to build new than buy existing. Plus you get to choose the home you really want. With a new home being higher performing, cheaper to maintain and run, plus all the modern conveniences.


Many people have an enjoyable journey and cherish the memories of building a new home. You can have minimal input and move into your brand new home when it is finished, or you can make a multitude of choices regarding: design, fixtures, fittings, features, budget, and everything really. From choosing the site, with the right views and proximity to attractions and amenities. Through to watching as your own home develops over the weeks until you are unlocking the front door and spending many years in the comfort of your personal home.

Looking at existing houses, it is common to think “Yes this one is okay, but I’d redo the kitchen, oh and the master and ensuite.” When building new you start with the plans and design what you want, so you are not buying somebody else’s home you then have to pay to change straight away.


When deciding to build, the biggest decision you will make is which builder to use. Take your time and be happy that you will be able to trust your builder.

If you are interested in building, start by talking to New Zealand’s best. G.J. Gardner Homes have built more homes for kiwis over the last 17 years than any other home builder. Discover more at or call us 0800 42 45 46.