Our adverts

See realestate.co.nz’s latest print and television advertisements, available for download and reproduction with permission


Our print adverts

If you are a real estate industry magazine or publication and would like to print a realestate.co.nz advert, please enquire with marketing@realestate.co.nz. Below are our most recent adverts, in print-ready PDF format.



Click here to download the bedrooms advert.




Click here to download the kitchens advert. 



Click here to download the gardens advert.



Click here to download the pools advert.



Click here to download the bathrooms advert.

Our TV adverts

The realestate.co.nz numbers campaign extends across television and online channels including YouTube.

If you’d like to feature a realestate.co.nz advert on your website or screen a clip at an event or presentation, please email marketing@realestate.co.nz.

An assortment of 15- or 7-second clips are available upon request.


The largest home of real estate in New Zealand - realestate.co.nz - 15 second cut


120,000 bedrooms, 1 location - realestate.co.nz - 7 second cut


31,600 gardens, 1 location - realestate.co.nz - 7 second cut